We are different, we listen to different musicstyles, we have different dreams, but when we have something in our mind, we come togehter and put it into bits for the eternity. This artform is immortal.
Maybe hundread years later, someone will find a CD, or something else, what contains our stuff, and maybe he/she will like it, maybe he/she will think about it, and that's the greatest thing in the universe.

Deep somewhereover 2015 6th place Function 2015
There is hope 3rd place Function 2015
Stellar 1st place QB Party 2015
Grax 1st place QB Party 2015
Ultra 2nd place Function 2014
Ultratron 7th place Function 2014
False 2 2nd place Function 2013
Planet 77 3rd place Function 2013
State Zero-One 3rd place Function 2012
False 2nd place Function 2012
64k Intro
4k Intro
1k Intro
256b Intro
Windows port
All in one
We are sceners. We can posses something, what some people never will. Money? No. Money was, is, and will be. It can dissapear just as the sand in one's open hand. That things are fame and glory. Things people can't buy or find laying on the street. They have to deserve them. We want to be like this. We want people to know, that we exist and are able to create something beautiful. This is the main reason, why are we back on stage.
If you were at a party, on a place anywhere on Earth, you enjoyed that great feeling of 'belonging to something higher'. What about the feeling, when you see your work on the big screen and hear people clap their hands...There are really just few more things that can bring you higher...
Due to these reasons we have decided to carry on with the scene life as long as possible. We are planing a new huge demo project to our 5th anniversay. And also, some 64k will be on the way... nobody knows, our future is a misty place created with our own hands.
Dilemma was founded 1997 by Sed Drm and Vince. Our main goal was to create demos/intros and to get famous on the scene. With our first production, a 64k intro at Scenest97 we didn't really succeed, the intro freezed during the compo, and we got the last place.
After some time, Azure(graphic artist) Brix(coder), Ezah(swapper), Nap(coder) and Rascy (3d modeller) joined the team. We released some demos/intros, the best of them was Deep Somewhereover (1998, Scenest) and Accelerator (2000, Conference). By the end of 1998 Drm and Vince felt into inactivity and the others vote them out of the group. Azure left the scene life due to some reasons and became a web designer.
In 1999 Sed decided to retire 'coz several causes, then almost everyone stopped activity except Nap. In 2000 Nap made great efforts to re-animate Sed, which was a success, and we started everything again from the beginning. We created a demo for Antiq 2000 which was the work of rascy/nap/sed/brix/ezah. It isn't the best we can, 'coz we created the whole thing in 1.5 day at the partyplace.
In 2001 Azure got back, and we started a new demo project to our 5th anniversary and saying: "it's gonna be different this time..." And this is just going now...
Péter Nagy
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Tamás Schalk
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Ivan Kolesar
Krisztián Pamuki
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Péter Balázs
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Róbert Szelecki
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Antal Trautmann
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Péter Láng
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