We are a hungarian demoscene group

What is Dilemma Anyway?

The classic, 2 way, chicken or egg problem. The word has greek roots, our meaning is the need of choose between the good and the necessary. The necessary can't be good? It can, but in most cases it is not. If your are the lucky one, congrats.          


Dilemma is a deep, somewhereoverian brotherhood founded in September of 1996, among the walls of the Shed. The Shed, where everything began. Four walls, one small room, three beds, two desks, many enthusiast young guys. And the love, we felt for the demoscene. We did not cast our shadow in the hall of fames, but still haven't yet given up. Until prods come out of our virtual shed, we are still alive. Hope this won't change in the near future...

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